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Frequently Asked Questions​

A recycling yard can be a confusing place. What can I recycle? What is the process? What do I do if I’ve had metal stolen from me? The FAQ below can help answer your most common questions. Can’t find the answer to you your question? Feel free to give us a call or fill out our contact us form and we would be happy to help!
Metro Group, IncMetro Recyclers Ogden
3150 W. 900 S.
Salt Lake City, UT 84104
555 W. 12th Street
Ogden, UT 84404
Metro Group, IncMetro Recyclers Ogden

3150 W. 900 S. Salt Lake City, UT 84104

555 W. 12th Street Ogden, UT 84404

Mon – Fri | 8 am – 5 pmMon – Fri | 8 am – 5 pm*
Sat | 8 am – 2 pm*
*We will stop accepting metal 15 minutes prior to closing
  • Generally speaking, if it is mostly made of metal. We will take it!

  • Aluminum

  • Copper

  • Brass

  • Steel/Iron

  • Stainless Steel

  • Insulated Copper Wire

  • Lead Acid Batteries

  • High Temp Alloys

  • Cars (See more in FAQ below)

  • Appliances (fridges must have freon removed)

  • Aluminum Cans

  • Wheels

  • Christmas Lights

Barb WireRefrigerators w/FreonRadioactive material
Razor WirePropane Tanks (sealed cylinders)Chemical/Hazardous waste
Alkaline BatteriesUnits containing OilRubber
MicrowavesUnits containing FreonGlass

1- Bring your state ID, Military ID, or United States Passport

2- If possible, sort your like metals by type

Example – Separate your aluminum from your copper or stainless. This will make turning in your metals faster and more profitable!

Recycling with the Metro is simple. Bring your materials to either location. If it’s your first time, come into our office and our friendly support staff will explain where to take your materials. Your metal will be weighed and you will receive a payment ticket. Take your purchase ticket back to the office and they will pay you!

To recycle any vehicle, you will need the title with the owner’s signature (no title reassignments) If you do not have the title, we also accept dismantle permits or a state-issued affidavit. We do not accept electric, propane, or natural gas vehicles. 


To accept catalytic converters, you will need a United States ID as well as proof of ownership for the catalytic converter (such as the title of the vehicle it came off of or a repair receipt showing where it was removed). Without proof of ownership, we cannot purchase a catalytic converter.

We cannot accept catalytic converters after 4 PM on weekdays or 1 PM on Saturdays

We do offer a container service for clients that are working on clean-up projects and for those that produce a significant amount of material on a frequent basis. To get more information about what options are available, visit the Containers section of our commercial page. Feel free to contact us for additional information or to book containers.

Metro Group, Inc Metro Recyclers Ogden
801-328-2051 801-752-0991
Are you looking for a career in the metal recycling industry?  Are you looking for an opportunity to grow with a company that values you as an employee?  A career with Metro Group will give you the opportunity to expand your existing skills while growing within our family.  Visit our CAREERS PAGE >>

Metro Group Inc. can help you clean your farm or warehouse (only for large cleanups with multiple tons of material). Our On-Site Cleanup professionals can come in, clean up your site and haul the metal away for you.  Leaving you more time to get your work done.  We typically pay for the metals we pick-up/haul off. Pricing depends on tonnage, preparations need to remove from the site, freight, non-metallic attachments and labor costs. Visit Our On-Site Cleanups Page >>

Unfortunately we do not resell any items, including car parts, that have been brought in by other patrons.
Recycling has many benefits. It is a great way to secure the availability of our natural resources for future generations. Recycling also provides cleaner air and water by safely removing potentially hazardous materials and keeping them out of our landfills. By bringing your materials to Metro Group, you get money back in your own wallet instead of having to pay landfill fees.
The material that we receive is shipped to local, national, and international mills. The materials are melted down and then used to create new products.

First, alert the proper authorities. Every Metro Group customer is required to show photo i.d. and a valid phone number in order for us to purchase material. In case of a reported theft, this information is turned over to authorities as evidence. The sooner we know about it the better chance we have of catching it if it is brought to us. Contact us with a description of the material.